Welcome to Project Glasshouse from the students of Schools of Barehoof Strategy

The students from the Schools Barehoof Strategy will use this gallery to post 100% of their case study homework and activities from the school on the Internet for all to see. A portion of their graduation requirement is that each student must trim and document 100 fully trimmed horses (400 hooves).

Please respect that each case study is a work on progress and the students are working within the level of their training.

Working safely to insure comfort is our top priority. Some hoof issues may not
be addressed on the first trim, for the well being of the horse.

We cannot control the condition of the hoofs before we start the case studies.

It is not our intent to show perfect before and after photos, these are works in progress.

We feel it is important for the public to view our efforts and see our results. We want you to view the progress and improvements just as we do. We are the first barehoof trimming school in the world to open its doors at all times, and work as if we are in a glasshouse.